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17 April 2008,  Launch of re-developed centre
The Ipic Property Group is proud to announce the opening of the newly refurbished Ipic Shopping Centre in Vredenburg.

Ipic would like to express their sincere gratitude towards the tenants for their patience and faith in the project and to the loyal consumers during this period of renovation. Ipic would furthermore like to welcome new tenants onboard and wish all retailers a renewed, positive future. Ipic would also like to show appreciation to their contracted partners during this process. Some of the many firms involved were, ApCon - main building contractor, Iqela - project management, W Architects - architect, Proquan - quantity surveyors, Vernootkap De Villiers - structural engineers and Element Consulting - electrical engineers.

With the expansion and improvements done to the centre, additional parking and a “European” style courtyard in the middle will offer a more comfortable and serene shopping experience.

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