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"All sustainable success in life comes from being knowledgeable,
obtaining wisdom and systematically implementing wise decisions."
Rian Maartens 2008
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     Our practical showcase of how we create, protect and distribute wealth

We are passionate about investing.
We invest in property assets to compound wealth.
We re-invest our wealth in charity to compound positive change.

Our investment engine - from investment monies coming in, to profits and charity going out - consists of 6 divisions namely;

1. Ipic Properties - Our main investment vehicle
2. Ipic Property Management - provides management support to Ipic Properties
3. Ipic Property Developments - provides development support to Ipic Properties
4. Ipic Capital - provides private loan funding to Ipic Properties.
5. Property Investments - co-investment opportunities with selected associates of the Ipic Group in the form of venture capital or property investments.
6. Charity - Giving back to society to compound positive change.

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