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"All sustainable success in life comes from being knowledgeable,
obtaining wisdom and systematically implementing wise decisions."
Rian Maartens 2008
"All positive progress depends on your ability to recalibrate what you regard as success, knowledge, wisdom and wise decisions." Rian Maartens 2019
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Education covers three areas, namely Education, Software and Consulting.

Ipic Education - Wisdom from street-smart experts.

  • Learn from experienced investors and network at our quarterly property investor's breakfast or online.

  • Join one of Ipic Media's online clubs to benefit from additional services not available to free subscribers.

  • Attend a seminar or course with expert investors. Educate yourself to make money and become financially free.

Ipic Software - Tools to get connected, to get going and to invest with confidence.

We have three major products in development;

  • Ipic Connect - Much more than a conventional contacts manager or Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) because it manages all your relationships.
  • Ipic Tasks - Much more than a conventional task manager because it runs your meetings and provides a strategic planning framework to identify and plan all the relevant projects in your personal and business life.
  • Ipic Property Software - Keep tabs on your managing agent and get access to high level portfolio asset management modelling.
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Early Adopters: Sign up for our beta testing phase.

Potential Software Customers: Sign up for our monthly e-newsletter to keep abreast of our progress and be alerted when our new software products and software updates will be ready for release.

Ipic Consulting - Implement strategies to reach your goals.

  • After learning all you can and becoming knowledgeable about property investing it’s time to take massive action and we can play a hand-holding role.
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Property Investors: Book a consulting session with Rian Maartens to review your next property deal or to determine the potential of your current property portfolio.
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