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"All sustainable success in life comes from being knowledgeable,
obtaining wisdom and systematically implementing wise decisions."
Rian Maartens 2008
"All positive progress depends on your ability to recalibrate what you regard as success, knowledge, wisdom and wise decisions." Rian Maartens 2019
Ipic Help - Corporate Social Investment

As part of its mission The Ipic Group contributes to, and assists charitable organisations that effect meaningful positive change and aims to help others to be and to make heroes. As part of our mission we therefore actively contribute to organisations both within our broader community, and more narrowly within the communities where our properties are situated.

The Ipic Group has been actively involved in corporate social responsible activities for many years and has donated millions to a wide range of organisations.

Our charity strategy can be summarized by saying that we would rather teach someone to fish than to give them a fish to eat. Therefore, we actively look for and assist entrepreneurial driven charities that have a high probability of becoming self— sustaining in the near future.

We encourage our tenants to give to charity in their respective communities and our shopping centres have supported many organisations to this end.

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